Saturday, March 13, 2010

smallBIG: opening reception

The opening reception of the "small architecture BIG LANDSCAPES" show at the Swope Art Museum was held on Friday, February 5, 2010. I'm posting images from some of the evening's events, THANKING my great friends and colleagues who were in attendance (fighting through an 8" snowstorm) and those who were not, hoping we can do it again ... soon.

Photo above: Wil Marquez (green sweater, foreground), co-creator with Paul Puzzello and Ana de Brea of the "Dialogue" small architecture installation, talks about the piece with participants in the opening reception activities. (all photos by Josh Coggeshall)

Lisa Petrulis (center) introduces Wes Janz. Students from Southern Illinois University stand in the background, at the entry portal to the Tool Room.

Kevin Klinger (architecture professor, Ball State University) takes it in, reclined in a chair designed and fabricated by Ana de Brea (architecture professor, BSU). The chair is made of 100% repurposed plastic.

On the left, Craig McCormick, architect, photographer, and contributor of two photographs to the Swope Show. In conversation with Craig is Kurt West, designer of graphic materials for the show.

From left, Bryan Finoki (subtopia blogger and Swope Show essayist), Kurt West, Paul Puzzello (architecture professor, BSU), Craig McCormick, and Janice Shimizu (co-creator of the "W.H.U.T." small construction; architecture professor, BSU), on our way to dinner after the reception's closing.

Some of the "group of 36 diners" waiting for our tables, in a restaurant emptied, except for us, by the snowstorm.

At dinner. In background, Shai Yeshayahu (architecture professor, SIU; co-creator "Walk On" small architecture installation), Azin Valy (architect, I-Beam Design; creator "Green Springs" small architecture installation); Kevin Klinger, and Wil Marquez. Center foreground, Maria del C. Vera (architecture professor, SIU; co-creator "Walk On" small architecture installation).

Paul Puzzello and Wes Janz.

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